Twins NYCSome people call us adventurous because when we travel, the twins do too. Yes they’re 3, yes there are two of them and yes they are handfuls. But as a mom, I think it’s great for them to travel, see different places and observe how others live. Our latest trip was about a week ago when we ventured to NYC thanks to a great deal I caught from American Airlines for $77 round-trip flights. I’ve visited NYC a few times, once with Harry, long before we were parents (Common was on our flight!), a girlfriends trip to see the first Sex and the City movie and another time with Harry to see a spur of the moment Beyonce concert, so I wasn’t super pressed about seeing or doing anything specific. This flexibility definitely helped with two toddlers.

Here are some deets from the trip:

  • We stayed at a Residence Inn in Jersey, which was cost effective and roomy
  • We used NJ Transit to get in and out of the city everyday, it was simple and not expensive (the twins were free)
  • We packed a book bag filled with snacks, wipes, hand sanitizer, bottled water and sunglasses, this kept food costs down and my babies love their shades
  • There are a few times when we struggled with the side by side double stroller, some places didn’t have elevators and we had to break it down, then walk with the twins up/down stairs, and some areas were too narrow for a double stroller and we had to use the same strategy to get where we were trying to go
  • We had a wonderful time while we were there, one of the highlights was Central Park, I highly recommend it for anyone that visits the city

Overall, I would definitely do it again. Some things that I may do differently are:

  • Stay IN the city, I think we spent a lot of time getting to/from our hotel and a mid-day nap would’ve been very helpful
  • Suck it up and take our expensive stroller, it puts the twins one in front of the other and that would’ve helped in tight spaces
  • Visited some children’s museums
  • Wore better walking shoes, we avoided the subway to prevent getting in and out of the stroller so we did a LOT of walking, I wore my Toms out!

What’s the next trip you want to take? Will you take your kiddos?