About Fresh Momenade

Fresh Momenade: \ˈfresh\ \ˈmäm-mə-ˈnād\; noun; A cool and refreshing blog created for moms that want a more enjoyable life; a place for moms to get a metaphorical cold drink and figure out how to incorporate more fun into their lives

Fresh Momenade was created to inspire like-minded women who are always striving to be their best, but not putting in as much effort into enjoying the lives that they are building. As women we have so many roles, wife, girlfriend, best friend, daughter, sister, mom, career professional, business owner, personal shopper, chef, play leader, and the list can go on and on, Fresh Momenade is a place where you can learn how to keep up with all your roles and still incorporate time for fun and relaxation.


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About Me

Hey ladies, I’m Elisha, and I’m a mom, just like you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to figure out a puzzle or make life easier. I’ve come to learn and know that it’s truly my gift. I’m a wife and mom of three year old (boy-girl) twins (nope, there’s never a dull moment here lol). I specialize in creating fun experiences for you and your family. In my former life, I was an HR professional and worked in the field for 10 years.

I’m happy that you’ve visited and look forward to learning more about you.